Jessica and Mark

It was a warm day and the sun was high in the sky when I left home heading to Jessica parents’ house.

I have met Jessica several times before the wedding, as I would with all my couples prior to their weddings, and have quickly sympathised with her, her parents and Mark, her future husband.

During our meetings prior to the wedding day, I’ve learnt to know a bit more about Jessica and Mark which helped me in capturing their story the way they are, naturally.

Jessica even created a pin board, on pinterest to share with about the type of images she’d like to have for her own wedding. That was a cool idea and through that pin board we could share and exchange ideas of images during the bridal party session.

Jessica and Mark’s wedding was one of those glamorous weddings that I really enjoy capturing because I can add a touch of glamour and fashion into a the special day of my couples.

Let’s leave place for the 38 images.

Photos by NOMAD PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding Photographer


If you are interested to know, I used a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 1Dx to shoot this wedding with a couple of L series lenses.

I’ll put up a post with the feed back about the gear I use for wedding in a couple of days when I get my head out of the editing :o)





































At the end of my coverage, I ‘dragged’ Jessica and Mark in the hall way to play with some ambient light and high ISO shots and below is the result.






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