Samantha and Cameron’s Wedding

Samantha and Cameron’s wedding is a very particular one for me and for several reasons.

Jo and David, Sam’s parents, came to see me to book our services to capture Sam and Cameron’s wedding as a surprise wedding present.

After a short chat and a look at my work, Jo decided that I was the perfect photographer for her daughter’s special day and we went onto finalising the paperwork.

The connection between Jo, David and me was so easy and genuine that I felt part of the special event and was already planning the day (photography speaking) in my head.

Later, back at the office, when entering the details in my database, I realised that I haven’t checked my calendar and it happens that I had a wedding booked for the same day almost a year before..! It was for the wedding of Jessica and Mark from a previous post here.

I must say that I really don’t double book for my services because I want to be the one they choose to capture their precious moments but also I think that my brides and grooms, and also the parents of my brides and grooms, come to me because they love my photography, my style, the way I tell the story, and by double booking I can not offer them what they come to me for.

However, for Sam and Cameron’s wedding, I was feeling so connected to them and their family that I couldn’t just cancel on them. I had to do something to withhold my clients expectations and to provide the services that they came to me for.

I immediately rang Jo and explain the situation. I also said that although I could not be their photographer, I could organise someone to do the job as good as I would and even better.

I am still humbled by the trust that Jo had in me and what I did was to offer to have not one but two awesome photographers to cover Samantha and Cameron’s wedding.

And I did. I flew two photographers from Sacramento, California, (TomKat Photography and Acynosure) over for a week to to cover this wedding. I wanted to make sure that they have enough time to get the jet lag out of the way, enough time to get used to the weather (in the US is the end of Autumn and start of Winter) and also I wanted them to be here soon enough to introduce them to Jo and David and also Samantha and Cameron.

Sam and Cameron’s wedding was also special because it was like nothing I’ve captured before, in a very original way.

Samantha and Cameron’s wedding was to be in the Corroboree park with some 200 guests.

The guests were their family, with a special mention to the healthy and young 99 year young grandma, and some awesome performing artists. They had an open venue with barbecue and open activities including jumping castle, yes, jumping castle, face painting, live band, circus, juggling artists and even the flames twirlers…

The wedding was even live with FaceTime with a family member who couldn’t attend, on an iPad.

After finishing Jessica and Mark’s wedding coverage, I stopped by the park and the party was still going strong.

We farewell the newly wed couple and their parents and headed home with a lot of memories and a good feeling of having done a good job. Fulfilling our clients’ expectations and most importantly having help them preserve their precious moments.

Scroll all the way down to check out what happens when three photographers get together to shoot two weddings on a same day.

We would love your comments and suggestion on how we could further improve our services to our brides and grooms.

Thank you for visiting and now, place to the images.

Photos by TomKat Photography and Acynosure for Nomad Photography

Edited by Nomad Photography





























































































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