Alistair Morrell – First ever INBA ACT Male Fitness Model

It was the first time that I assisted to a fitness modelling competition and as I have done several fitness and bodyworks photo shoots, I thought it was normal to get immersed into it.

I must say that I was a bit intimidated when walking into the Southern Cross Club in Woden yesterday for the INBA ACT Championships.

There was muscle everywhere and that must have been the lowest fat and carb concentration per square metre in the country..

I admit I admire these people through their hard work and dedication in sculpting their bodies. Having tried a few push ups myself, I have a vague idea of what you need to do in order to show the chocolate tabs above your belly button. Guys thumps up.

Among the contestants, there was someone that I’ve met before, Alistair Morrell.

I shot Alistair a couple months back in a concept designed and styled by Lauren Wilson, “Lauren’s MAD MEN”.

At the shoot, during a chat, Alistair told me that he was a fitness trainer/model but because the the concept of the shoot was all dressed up so I couldn’t tell .. until he showed up on stage at the Southern Cross Club Woden.

Man, there was a great crowd on stage but Alistair somehow stood out a little. It was very exciting when he was announced as the top three, then down to the judges’ decision, Alistair has become the FIRST EVER Male Fitness Model at the INBA ACT 2013 Championships.
That’s a double title in itself. SO cool. So proud.

Congratulations Alistair. I’ll shoot you whenever :o)

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