Fashfest Canberra | Canberra Fashion Festival

It is true that talent is everywhere and Canberra has proven to be part of this truth.

The Canberra Institute of Technology “releases” each year a batch of talented and creative people with their design diploma and until now, each of the newly graduate designer flew by their own wings trying to get their name, and creations, out there.

It is not rare to see a lot of collaborations between creative people through photo shoots (Make up artist, hair stylist, models and local photographers) and although these collaborations help connect people, most of the time they don’t create work or a market.

Fashion week is something that have been lacking in Canberra and some thinking minds and creative people got together to create the first fashion festival in Canberra: Fashfest.

For a first time, I must admit that they did extremely well and it will be very hard to top it up, if there  is any other editions of Fashfest in the near future.

The venue is more than awesome and the forces and talents of the people behind the scene made it an event to be remembered in the fashion history of Canberra.

From the very first day, I bought a 4 day pass for the vent and attended the opening night. It was gorgeous and I had the feeling that Canberra now made its identity on the fashion scene with a premium quality fashion show.

The live performance of the DJ’s are just breathtaking and event it was cold, the models put the heat on the runway very quickly.

It was really nice to catch up with people I worked with in the past, through photo shoots, and make contact with people that I only know over Facebook until then. Everyone I met at the opening night was very surprise to see me without a camera :o).

Life got in the way and I couldn’t make it for the second and third nights but decided to at least attend the closing night on Saturday and this time,I brought along my Leica M9 with the 50mm Sumilux lens.

This package is small enough and discrete enough to not stick the lens into the face of my neighbor at the show.

On Saturday, I make some new contacts and also caught up with some creative people I worked with over a drink. It is so rare that I go out at night but from what I can see Canberra definitely has things to get people entertained.

Although it was a sold-out event, I’ve been told on Saturday that the organisers decided to sell extra tickets to give a chance for people to attend the show. I decided to stand within the crowd and took some of these shots.

Fashion was everywhere and sometimes, things in the audience are more “attractive” then on the catwalk.

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