Lauren’s Mad Men | Leica M240 behind the scenes

I just love my new Leica M240 so much that I spend lots of time shooting with it that I don’t even have time to process the photos and share them with you ..

Talking about processing, I have always been a fan of editing my images to give it my personal touch no matter how good the image has been taken, after all isn’t it why everyone would tell you to shoot RAW ..?

I must admit that I shoot more and more JPEG in camera with my Leica M9 and now this is something more and more true with the new prodigy, my so awesome Leica M240.

Yesterday, after almost two months in the making, all the credits to Lauren Wilson, we did a shoot at The Brassey, centenary iconic hotel in Barton, Canberra.

These are images shot in JPEG with virtually no post processing.

I set the camera first in Black and White with no filter and capture with DNG + B&W.

In the second series, I set the camera into film mode, Smooth Colour Film, and again in DNG + B&W.

The awesomeness about Leica going with an open format for their RAW files (DNG) is that when using LightRoom 5, with a native RAW format as DNG, all the pre processing in camera are carried over in the RAW files. If you are happy with the way the files look on the back of you camera, you would almost have no need to do further editing in post. I love this camera and the way it allows me to use more of the JPEG files straight from capture. This would ‘force’ me to ‘think’ more before capture and not spend too much time in front of the computer.. :o) Yay Leica M240.

I also used the Leica movie mode during the shoot.. Stay tuned, video up soon.

More to come in my next post after two weeks of using intensively this baby, my Leica M240, and all the feedback on various new features compares to the Leica M9.

This is Lauren’s Mad Men

Concept and styling: Lauren Wilson

MUA: Lauren Wilson & Alexa Ashton

Hair: Lauren Wilson & Craig Rhodes

Location: The Brassey Hotel

Wardrobes: The Professor’s Daughter | Sam Catanzariti Menswear

Talents: Alistair Morrell | Christine Gilmayer | Courtney Anne Martin-Moores | Fiona Lieu | Jeremy Salter

Photography by Nomad Photography | Story by Photos

Behind The Scenes | In camera black & white

Camera: Leica M240Lenses: 35mm Summicron ASPH & 50mm Summilux ASPH

Make sure you scroll down and check out the video behind the scenes below..

















Behind The Scenes | In camera Smooth Colour Film

Camera: Leica M240

Lenses: 35mm Summicron ASPH & 50mm Summilux ASPH






























On the set at The Brassey Hotel. Barton.



Video behind the scenes captured with the Leica M240



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