After RAW

Keeping up a full time photography job and working around the clock with photo shoots and various assignment can sometimes take a bit of time.

Not to mention that I am also maintaining a community site, photography related, After RAW. I thought rather than having duplicated content, I’d keep up with one blog that would cover a wide diversity of subjects, including wedding, editorial, fashion, trend, style and of course everything photography related, from camera to lighting and tutorials.

The idea of the site is also to invite local, national and also inter nation creative people to add their own experience and story.

After 488 posts and thousands of readers around the globe, I would invite you to visit After Raw where I will be adding content on a more regular basis and not only will be covered my own work but works of everyone that would like to contribute.

Thank you for being part of this blog over the years. This is not a good bye, it is a see you on the other side :o)

Thank you.


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