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Olympus OM-D E M1

Exciting new toys Olympus OM-D E-M1

Any announcement from camera manufacturer is always an exciting time especially Olympus with their popular OM-D cameras. When I bought this camera a couple years back in New York, I’ve been enjoying the endless possibilities of mounting virtuously any existing lens in my gears onto this little camera with heaps …

Canon EOS 70D Body Only

Canon 70D New Gears = More Fun

The awesome thing about being a photographer is the gears we use for the trade get updated constantly to respond to the requirements that we face when out on assignment. To do just that, Canon has just announced a new range of d-SLR in various kit, body only and/or with …

Leica M

A lot of buz on th enet around the teasing announcement of a new Leica M, labelled Leica M Mini. Images of a “leaked” camera already travels around the globe and to add more talk, Leica themselves have updated their blog with teasing poll about real or fake “leaked” image …